Web Author ImageThis website has been developed by Tomáš Ptáčník, an enthusiastic language teacher and mentor who has devoted his whole life to languages. Both learning and teaching. Tomáš is originally from Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, where he is currently leading the Element Language School located in the city centre.

Mission Statement

“The mission of verbs.cz is to make learning the Czech language an enjoyable activity by providing students with a comprehensive guide to verbs related grammar.”

The Idea

A couple of words directly from the author:

Before I actually started developing this website, the idea had been forming in my head for some time. The main reason was never-ending complaining of my students about the lack of perfective/imperfective pairs list.

I started digging and, believe it or not, apart from some basic lists, I could not find anything usable in the entire online world. As a fairly capable website developer and designer, there was no reason to hesitate and I started shaping the verbs.cz website soon.

A couple of sleepless nights later, I had a somewhat usable website but it still lacked something. The initial idea eventually started growing bigger and bigger and I added conjugations, example sentences, imperatives, grammar references and an easy-to-read tenses timeline which I am particularly proud of.

Let’s see which direction this website will head now. I have done my part, now it’s your turn. Use the website, spread the word and enjoy!

Made With Love


I would like to acknowledge Karel for helping with inputting entries to the database. You have been my support all along. I also thank all beta testers (all of which are students of the Czech language) who highlighted various problems at the very initial stages of this project. Last but not least, I recognise all visitors who come to this website with the aim to seek information and make themselves more knowledgeable.

Terms of Use

Students and teachers are free to use any content on this website for learning purposes. To help the development, please make sure you always add a link reference to Verbs.cz. The reproduction or distribution of any content for wholesale commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. Without the author’s consent, no content can be printed in large quantities and/or provided for money.

Contact Information

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